In the central part of Croatian Adriatic Sea, about 15 Nm to the west from Sibenik town, 7 Nm to the southwest from Murter, or 15 Nm to the south from Zadar town, there is amazing group of islands named Kornati archipelago.

Beauty and singularity of the archipelago moved authorities in 1980 to proclaim a bigger part of that area national park. Since then certain modifications of its borders were made, so that nowadays Kornati National Park occupies the area of about 220 km2 (54.000 acres). There are 89 islands, islets and reefs within the area of Kornati National Park (238 km of the coastline), what makes it the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean.

The land part of Kornati National Park covers less than 1/4 of its total area, but the values of its landscapes, the "crowns" (cliffs) on the islands facing the open sea, and interesting relief structures, make this part of Kornati National Park unique. Besides, the Kornati submarine area, whose biocenosis are considered to be the richest in the Adriatic Sea, and also the magnificent geomorphology of the sea bed attracts divers from all over Europe to come and enjoy in unforgettable submarine adventures.

The famous Kornati "crowns" reveal some of the geological activities that happened in the history of this area. "Crowns", the vertical cliffs of the Kornati Islands facing the open sea, are the most popular phenomena of the Kornati National Park. These fascinating steep cliffs are the sides of a large tectonic rift that stretches from Istria and ends somewhere in Middle Dalmatia (maybe even more to the south). The rift was caused by the northern motion of Africa and its collision with Europe.

The longest "crown" above the sea level is found on the Island of Mana (1350 m). The highest "crown" is found on the Islet of Klobucar (82 m). The "crowns" stretch below the sea level as well. The deepest "crown" is found on the Island of Piskera (90 m).

The "crowns" are home to rare "brave" living organisms: peregrine falcon, shag, common swift, centaurea ragusina plant community etc.

Magazinova skrila is a special geological phenomenon, a place where a mass of limestone slid along its lithologically identical foundation. The cause of this phenomenon was most probably an earthquake. It is hard to say when the earthquake actually happened, how strong it was or where its epicenter was. There are numerous speculations in connection with the origin of the Magazinova skrila but so far there are no definite proofs regarding the period or the conditions of its origin.

To reach the fascinating Magazinova skrila, you have to enter a private property. Please be extra careful and considerate towards the owners. Do not harm the property in any way (jumping and/or tearing down the drywalls, picking the fruits, disturbing the sheep etc.).

We suggest you choose Kravjacica, Strižnja or Vruje on the Island of Kornat as the starting point of your excursion to the phenomenon of Magazinova skrila.

To set aside a hilltop view location and say that it is better than others is not possible. Each of them has a special charm and will bring you special joy and excitement!

Metlina on the Island of Kornat (237m) is the highest and the most impressive hilltop within the Kornati National Park, and it’s the most difficult one to reach. The top of the Opat Mount (in the southeastern part of the Island of Kornat) and Litnji Vrh on the Islet of Vela Smokvica offer a beautiful view of the sea surrounding the Island of Murter on the northeastern side and a part of the Kornati National Park on the other side. Otocevac on the Island of Piškera offers a breathtaking view of almost the entire Kornati National Park. The Levrnaka hilltop can be easily reached. It offers you an enjoyable view.

Once again let us point out that the land is privately owned. We kindly ask you to act as careful and considerate guests while climbing the hilltops of the Kornati area.

Diving visits to the Kornati National Park are allowed only in organized and approved diving groups. Therefore, if you intend to dive in the Park (which we highly recommend), please contact one of the diving centers authorized to perform this activity within the Kornati National Park.

Within the Park there are seven zones set aside for diving visits. It is hard to recommend which one you should use. Each of them offers unique, exciting and pleasurable moments!
Leave it to the diving center to choose the diving spot for you – you will not be disappointed!

Official Website of Kornati National Park

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