General terms and conditions (GTC)

Status: 01.01.2016

The text of the contract is not saved when you reserve. You can of course save the general conditions of the contract, which are available in PDF format.


Terms of travel/ General Terms & Conditions

1. Legal relations

1.1. The legal relationship consist between you as customer and holiday home agency Jumpmantours, Flassheide 13, 22525 Hamburg, Germany (in the following JUMPMANTOURS), anyone who registers for a tour acknowledges that these conditions are solely binding for themselves and for the persons registered with them.
1.2. The General Terms & Conditions can be seen at all times online (print version).

2. Completion of the travel contract

2.1. The travel booking can be made by persons of age in writing, verbally, by telephone or online through JUMPMANTOURS. With your travel booking you are allowing JUMPMANTOURS the completion of a legally binding travel contract, whereby you are bound to your offer until there is a written acceptance or refusal from JUMPMANTOURS. The travel contract arises from the sending of the booking confirmation by JUMPMANTOURS, which will occur immediately after receiving the deposit.
2.2. In the event that a property is unavailable, JUMPMANTOURS can offer the customer several suitable alternatives. Neither your or JUMPMANTOURS are stringent bound by this new offer. Should you choose to accept this, it is treated as a new travel booking.
2.3. The data provided to us is protected according to the Federal Data Protection Act.
2.4. We are happy to accept customers' requests on booking and pass these on to the landlord or operator. However please note that JUMPMANTOURS cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Special requests and bookings that have been conditionally accepted and verbally agreed only become valid when they have been confirmed by JUMPMANTOURS in writing.
2.5. Please notify us immediately, if you as travel booker have not received your travel documents at the latest 5 days before the start of travel. In this case we will send you your travel documents immediately, dependent on payment. If you do not notify us and cannot travel due to missing travel documents, this has to be treated a cancellation and cancellation charges apply.

3. Payment

3.1. After the certification of a reservation following possibility of payment is possible:
- payment by bank transfer
When a booking is made at short notice within 14 days of travel, customer is obligated to send a confirmation of the transfer by mail or fax additionally.
3.2. The deposit amounts 20% of the travel price and is due immediately after the confirmation. In exceptional case the deposit can be up to 50%, depending on destination and object.

3.3. The rest of payment has to be payed at our partner agencies in Croatia.
3.4. In the event of untimely payment of the deposit or sending the confirmation of transfer, JUMPMANTOURS can refuse to provide the services. Furthermore JUMPMANTOURS can terminate the contract after a reminder and the setting of a response period. JUMPMANTOURS can demand cancellation fees as compensation in adherence with the cancellation levels outlined under point 7.2 or 7.3, under the condition there are no travel defects at this point in time which would justify cancellation.

4. Travel documents

4.1. Upon payment of the deposit, to our customer is sent a travel voucher. The travel voucher proves to the travel agency or keyholder at the holiday location (reception, caretaker) or to the hotel of the holiday complex that you are the tenant. It contains directions to the representative travel agency and telephone numbers and the check-in times.

5. Service, prices

5.1 For volume and form of the render services, within the travel contract from JUMPMANTOURS, apply exsclusive the describtions, images and pricemarks on the internet website of JUMPMANTOURS, which is valid for the referring data in the travel contract. Additional agreements, which change the scale of contractual benefits, require an expressly written confirmation.
5.2. The local authorities levy a flat charge that is to be paid per person per day and is called "resident tax" or "ecologic tax". Look in the property description to see if this in included in the price or if it has to be paid locally.
5.3. As a rule usual usage of electricity, water and gas usage are included in the price. You can find it under “Extras”.
5.4. Other supplementary services are listed under “Extras” and are to be paid on site.
5.5. When the key is handed over an appropriate amount (deposit) may be requested as security for any damage caused. This will be repaid or charged against when the the flat and the fixtures have been returned in a condition according to the rules at the end of the stay.
5.6. The final cleaning of the holiday apartments and holiday homes is carried out by you as customer, irrespective of the final cleaning carried out by the tenant. Final cleaning includes washing up and tidying away of all crockery and cutlery, removal of all rubbish and the sweeping through of all rooms so that a property can be handed over in a clean and tidy condition.
5.7. It is indicated in “Extras” if towels and bedlinen are available in the property. Dish towels are provided by the landlord in some cases, we do however generally recommend to taking these with you. Toilet paper (except in the hotels), washing up liquid and cleaning fluid should also be taken.
5.8. In the case where additional beds and/or child beds are provided, this will be noted correspondingly in the property description. Additional beds and/or child beds have to be ordered and that order has to be confirmed in every case.
5.9. Whether one or more pets are allowed can be found in the object description. Pets definitely have to be registered on booking even if it is allowed according to the description. Pets are not allowed this does not necessarily mean that there will definitely be no pets in the house, on the holiday camp etc. or that the property you have rented does not sometimes have pets. If pets are principally allowed this does not automatically mean that they are allowed to move around freely everywhere. In many holiday camps, dogs are not allowed for example in the pool area and green areas, and certainly not in restaurants or similar areas. It may also be obligatory to keep your dog on a leash at all times. Dogs are also not permitted in the pools of individual houses. Pets are banned from sections of beach or beach complexes in many places, so you often have to be flexible on this point.
5.10. In the case of special offers, e.g.. 14=10 or 7=5, or percentage discounts on the rental prices, campaigns such as early bird discounts or other offers variable supplementary costs may possibly be due for the full duration of the trip. If the special offer stay overlaps two travel times the discount will always be based on the lowest week or day price.

6. Changes in services

6.1. Changes or deviations in individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which are necessary after closing the contract and which were made by us in good faith, are only allowed where the changes and deviations do not significantly limit the total travel offering. Possible guarantee claims are not affected as long as the changed services are not defective.
6.2. You are also entitled to the rights named in the previous section in the case of a significant travel change and these rights must be claimed immediately after being notified of a significant change.

7. Travel cancellation

7.1. You may withdraw from the holiday before it starts. The declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing in your own interest. It is important that JUMPMANTOURS receives the declaration of withdrawal.
7.2. Our flat-rate demand for cancellation fees for all object types (except hotels)
- for cancellation up to 61 days before the start of the holiday: 20 % of the price of the holiday
- for a cancellation from the 60th to the 35th day before the start of the holiday: 50 % of the price of the holiday
- for cancellation from 34 to 14 days before the arrival date: 70 % of the holiday costs,
- for cancellation from 13 to 2 days before the arrival date: 90 % of the holiday costs,
- On later cancellation or no show: 100 %
7.3. The differing consolidated cancellation fees for hotels are scaled as follows:
- up to 22 days before the start of the holiday 20 % of the price of the holiday
- from the 21st to the 15th day before the start of the holiday 30 % of the price of the holiday
- from the 14th. to the 8th day prior to travel date 45 % of the travel price
- from the 7th. to the 1st day prior to travel date 60 % of the travel price
- in the case of subsequent withdrawal and if you do not set off on the tour 100% of the tour price.
7.4. In the event that you use your rights to find a replacement tenant the cancellation rules will not apply. This is however under the precondition that JUMPMANTOURS receives binding notification punctually prior to the travel date, so that the necessary changes can be made. Furthermore this is under the precondition that the replacement tenants corresponds to the special requirements of the travel and that statutory regulations or local authority stipulations allow it. With the confirmation of the name change by the tour operator the new travel customer assumes the rights and obligations of the travel contract. JUMPMANTOURS charges 20 € per change for the costs resulting from the changes.
7.5. As tenant it is your right to prove to JUMPMANTOURS as organizer that no or considerably less damage has occurred than the lump sum demanded, for which in every case an administrative charge of 20% of the tour price is withheld.
7.6. Changes within a booking (number of persons if allowed, extension) is carried out by JUMPMANTOURS for a supplementary charge of 20 €. Other canges to the booking are treated as cancellations.
7.7. Changes to a booking may not be made within the last seven days before the date of arrival. Any additional costs that arise due to a change in the booking within the last two weeks before the date of arrival may only be paid against prepayment.

8. Travel insurance

8.1. The holiday home agency JUMPMANTOURS recommends travel cancelation expenses insurance and a foreign health insurance.
8.2. After you have payed the deposit and received the confirmation, there is a possibility to make your travel insurance online by our insurance partner.

9. Recess/cancellation by JUMPMANTOURS

JUMPMANTOURS may renounce the contract before the date of arrival or cancel the contract after the date of arrival:
a) without adherence to a notice period if the customer continually disrupts the trip in spite of warnings, endangers others through his behaviour or otherwise behaves in violation of the contract.
b) without adherence to a notice period if the trip cannot be carried out or is significantly limited due to Force Majeure which could not be foreseen at the time of contract or industrial disputes.
If JUMPMANTOURS terminates the travel contract due to point a), the travel price expires.
If JUMPMANTOURS pursuant to point b) renounces contract, all paid amounts are reimbursed immediately, the further requests are explicitly ruled out.
If JUMPMANTOURS cancels the contract according to point b) after the day of arrival, then the customer receives the reimbursement of the holiday costs corresponding to the costs saved by JUMPMANTOURS.

10. Fittings of the rented properties

10.1. In the holiday apartments and holiday homes cutlery and crockery is usually completely provided for the number of people. All technical household devices are only available if explicitly mentioned in the description.
10.2. If reception via satellite or cable is possible it will be shown in the text with Sat-TV or Cable-TV. However this does not absolutely guarantee that programmes in the customer's language can be received.
10.3. If the garden furniture is stated in the description that does not necessarily mean that there is one available chair for every person. Deck chairs and parasols are also only available if they are mentioned in the description of the property.
10.4. All accommodations offered are approved for accommodation in accordance with the local and customary regulations for accommodation. In general holiday properties are thought of exclusively for holiday purposes, which can be seen in the construction and furnishings. The bathroom and bedrooms tend to be smaller. The beds are not what people are used to. Many things are geared predominantly to utility. The holidaymaker should note that different building regulations do not apply in other countries. For example balcony railing and stair banisters are much lower, steps are steeper and doors and windows do not comply with the usual industry standards. The soundproofing of the properties is not always what people are used to, but conforms to the the norm in the country, meaning that sound and noise protection may be different. With holiday houses and flats, landlords often live in the property for part of the year, so sometimes parts of the property are shut away, as their property is in it. However there is always enough storage room and space available.
The normal international hotel classification of stars indicates the hotel standard and is based on the respective category details of the country concerned.

11. Customer´s rights and liabilities

11.1. You have the right as tenant to use the entire property including furnishings and devices. You are obliged to treat the property and and its inventory, as well as any communal areas, with the utmost care.
11.2. You are obliged to replace any damage caused by you or your companions or guests during the course of your stay.

12. Number of persons / pets

12.1. The property may not be occupied with more persons that are allowed and confirmed on the travel voucher.
12.2. In the event of over-occupancy the landlord has the right to refuse or send away excess persons or to desire the proportional rental price and supplementary costs.
12.3. As pets are considered only dogs and cats. If u have some other animal, please contact JUMPMANTOURS.


13. Time of arrival and time of departure

13.1. Time of arrival is on the day of arrival if not otherwise indicated between 2pm and 7pm. In the event that you cannot adhere to the arrival time, please inform the local representative urgently and in time. Should you fail to do this a proper reception cannot be guaranteed.
13.2. On the day of departure the property must be vacated by 10am and handed in a clean and tidy condition (point 5.6) over to the landlord or his representative.

14. Liability

14.1. JUMPMANTOURS is responsible for thorough trip preparation within the serviceable liability of an accurate vendor.
a) careful travel preparation
b) careful selection and monitoring of the service providers
c) the accuracy of the service description
d) the proper provision of the travel services agreed in the travel contract.
14.2. Liability for occasional mischance or interruptions in water or electricity services are exempt as is the responsibility for the constant working condition of appliances such as heating, lift, air conditioners, pool etc.
14.3. JUMPMANTOURS´s liability for damage, which is not personal damage, is limited to three times the travel price, as long as damage to the holidaymaker is neither caused intentionally nor through gross negligence or as long as JUMPMANTOURS is responsible for damage caused to the holidaymaker solely through a service provider.
14.4. Request for compensation of the damage towards JUMPMANTOURS is limited or impossible on the basis of the international agreements or related legislation which needs to be applied on services performed by the service provider, a request for damage compensation towards the service provider may only be made under certain preconditions or limitations or it is excluded by certain preconditions.
14.5. If there is any impairment of performance, you are obliged within the scope of the statutory provisions to do everything reasonable to contribute to remedying the failure and to keep any damages arising low or to avoid them altogether. In particular the obligation arises to make any complaints immediately locally in the customer support offices given in your travel documents.
14.6. Should the holidaymakers' issues not - or not adequately - be solved locally, JUMPMANTOURS must be informed by phone, fax or e-mail. In the event of culpable neglect to punctually inform JUMPMANTOURS, the tour operator's obligation to reduce rent or compensate for damages becomes invalid.
14.7. Service performers (owners, key holders, partner agents etc.) hold no representative function and are not JUMPMANTOURS representatives, nor do they have authority to accept the complaints and issue or accept legal statements.
14.8. Claims on the grounds of services not provided according to the travel contract can be submitted to JUMPMANTOURS within a month of the contractual end of the trip and must be in writing. If the trip is significantly limited through defects you can terminate the contract. The precondition is usually that you have demanded a solution from JUMPMANTOURS with a reasonable notice period and this notice period has passed without resolution.
14.9. The operator cannot accept liability for information contained in description of the place, since they are not a subject of the contract and the operatorr cannot influence their origin or check their accuracy.
14.10. There is a one-year period of limitation between you and JUMPMANTOURS from the scheduled date of departure, as agreed upon.
14.11. Transfers of claims against JUMPMANTOURS to a third person, spouse and relative are not allowed. It is equally imossible for a third party to be entitled to the claims of the holidaymaker.

15. Travel provisions

15.1. Current travel warnings and entry requirements can be found at Federal Foreign Office.
15.2. EU and Non-EU citizens are themselves responsible for adherence to all important visa, customs and vaccination stipulations necessary for the trip. All disadvantages, especially the payment of cancellation charges, which result from not adhering to these stipulations, are their responsibility.

16. Legal effect and jurisdiction of the court

16.1. The invalidity of individual provisions to the contract does not result in the invalidity of the total travel contract.
16.2. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies between you and JUMPMANTOURS.
16.3. Legal actions against the tour operator must be brought in courts of jurisdiction for his legal domicile.

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