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Fazana port promenade
Fazana port promenade

Opposite the Brijuni Islands, in the vicinity of classical Pula, lies Fazana, a small fishing town which owing to its lovely atmosphere fascinates every visitor at first sight. Fazana and Valbandon together form a municipality with some 4000 inhabitants. Many among them cultivate traditional activities, fishing and farming, whereas lately tourism together with its related activities has gained in importance. The name Fazana originates from the ancient name Phasiana, related to the pheasant (Croatian: fazan), but also to Vasianum, connected with the ancient skill of producing amphorae, which were used for transporting the famed and celebrated wine and olive-oil from the Istrian coast throughout the Roman Empire.

City Fazana
City Fazana

The sacral life of Fazana dates back to 1150 when it was mentioned for the fist time as a parish. SS. Cosmas and Damian are patron saints of Fazane, which is also the name of the parish church from the 16th century standing in the main town square. Other interesting sights are the small churches of St. Eliseus (6th c.), St. John (16th c.) and Our Lady of Mount Carmel (14th c.). During the centuries of Venetian rule, until 1797, Fazana was both a village and town, rural and urban center, so that Venetian architecture left traces on the appearance of today's old town center with its narrow streets, stone houses and typical piazzas. The entire surroundings of Pula thrived and flourished during the century of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and owing to the efforts of the new owner of Brijuni, the Viennese industrialist Paul Kupelwieser, both the badly neglected archipelago and Fazana experienced a complete revival. The famed scientist and doctor, Nobel Prize winner Robert Koch completely exterminated malaria and brought back life to the islands. The Brijuni Islands began to develop into a health resort and fashionable retreat for the élite, whereas Fazana provided accommodation for tourists in several hotels and many catering facilities. There was also a toffee and liqueur factory, fish processing plant, shipyard, bakeries, garages and gas stations, boat connections with Trieste and other Adriatic ports.

Josip Broz Tito
Josip Broz Tito

After World War II, Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito came to Brijuni. Just like so many visitors before him, he became emotionally attached to these magnificent islands, so that Brijuni soon became Tito's official residence, which defined the way of life of the surrounding area. On their way to Brijuni, many heads of state, political leaders and artists from all continents strolled along Fazana´s waterfront. In 1983 the Brijuni Islands were proclaimed a national park which gave a strong impetus for the tourism of Fazana. The image of Fazana´s future viewed from its waterfront sets off from the identity of a town with a fervent desire to preserve the picturesque quality of a small fishing town, vivacity of waterfront cafés and restaurants, intimacy of local rooftops and liveliness of its small harbour.

Fazana center
Fazana center

The cultural events throughout the year speak of its rich culture, foster the town's tradition and offer plenty events that every visitor will surely remember. The small fishing academy "Pilchard", destination project of the Tourist Association presents Fazana as a fishing town. There you can learn about salting pilchard, fishing, complete fishing gear, preparing pilchard in 100 different ways, marine ecology and much more. At Fazana's waterfront you will surely notice the sculptures in Pilchard park, whereas in the taverns and restaurants along "Pilchard road" be sure to taste the many pilchard specialties. A unique display of the "Museum in the streets of Fazana and Valbandon" on some 30 large boards, through text, old postcards and other collected material presents the local history, culture and tradition. Fisherman's festivals, School of salting pilchard, Fazana brodetto festival, gastronomy festival "Festa od kuzine", Roman Valbandon, competition in preparing dishes under a baking lid" Valbandon ispod cripnje" … By visiting at least one of these events, you will surely get a true picture of Fazana.

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