Carnival in Rijeka

Carnival in Rijeka

Rijeka’s Carnival is set of events that are held in Rijeka during the carneval. Since the day it was organised for the first time, in 1982 three masked groups ( the „Lako ćemo“ carnival group, the „Pehinarski feštari“ and the „Halubajski zvončari“ group ) passed through the Korzo street, nobody foresaw the range this would take over the years, wich has already become traditional International Rijeka Carnival. International Carnival Parade is only one of the programs of this important event wich every year brings together larger number of participants and audiences both from Croatia and from abroad. Rijeka Carnival is also called „Fifth season“ , as a way of life of inhabitants, and the program is designed so that anyone can really find something for themselves in a multitude of events.

There are carnival sports events ( Carnival rally „Pariz – Bakar“, Carnival Snowboard Session), theather ( Theatre carusel in Ivan pl. Zajc), painting exhibitions, carnival dances, chatiry balls ( Carnival ball, ball Octane, Rotary ball). The crown is a big carnival, carnival parades – competition in imagination, humor and originality, colors and shapes, themed floats parade of hundreds, thousands of masks and big number of viewers. Be sure to mention the always cheerful and playful children’s carnival parade, wich contributes to its special charm highlights the Rijeka Carnival.

Carnival madness in Rijeka starts its ritual with tha Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and the handover of thr town keys to the Master of the Carnival. Through this event, the Carnival will formally get the most charming spokeswoman of masked groups. In front of a crowded Youth Sports Hall, with a special musical and scenic spectacle, from where the carnival group’s spokeswoman, the Rijeka Carnival Queen will be eleced. She will participate in all formal Rijeka Carnival presentations. Within the program, by means of the ceremonial handover of the town keys by the Mayor to the hands of the „Carnival Mayor“ with an adequate entertainment program, the Rijeka Carnival will formally be opened. From that moment on, the mask rule and all worries are forgotten. The celebration and the rich cultural and entertainment program begin!

Carnival Snowboard Session is an international snowboarding competition, unique for its snow ramp located just a few meters from the sea. During the years Carnival Snowboard Session has become traditional and recognizable event that attracts many fans of this sport and good fun and invites them to come to Rijeka. The organizers, other than promoting snowboarding, want to offer a different kind of winter fun to citizens and visitors of Rijeka. The competition brings together the best local snowboarders and also snowboarders from other European countries. Their stunts leave viewers breathless, but they also have to impress the jury and earn their spot on the podium. After a long day of competition and the award ceremony, Carnival Snowboard Session ends with concerts and after party with a diverse musical program.

Masked auto – rally „Pariz- Bakar“ is a traditional event organized by the Automobile club „Rijeka“. This rally is a parody of the world famous rally „Paris – Dakar“ and has been a supporting sport event of the Rijeka Carnival since 1990. Masked auto – rally „Pariz – Bakar“ is a unique event of its kind in the world, with motorized maska from different regions, where all participants – drivers, their co - drivers  and the judges must be masked, and their masked vehicles are amazing.

The Children’s Carnival Parade is a carnival event in wich the younger generation from Croatia and abroad take part, when a river of children in colorfull masked parades flood Rijeka’s Korzo. Numerus characters from fairytales flood the city and on that day they are the Rijeka Carnival’s main attractions for which numerous visitors from all over the world come here. They represent the guarantee and promise that the carnival tradition will never be forgotten in this area.

Finale of Rijeka Carnival, the International Carnival Parade, makes the final parade of traditional masks, carnival groups, allegorical floats, and on the main streets of Rijeka with the highest quailty from Croatian carnival groups come through and numerous groups from abroad, to the satisfaction of the citizens and their guests. After the parade is organized uniquely Pust burning at sea, wich delete all the sins committed during the carnival. With that action carnival ends.

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