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Map of Island Pag with Novalja and Zrce
Map of Island Pag with Novalja and Zrce

Beach Zrce is loacated on the Island of Pag, approx. 5km nearby town Novalja. Wide and attractive pebble beach is reachable by car (big parking place existing), or by a city-shuttle bus. The bus operates from town Novalja, drives between Novalja and Zrce the whole day. In peak time (July/August) every 15min, otherwise minimum once per hour. Few times a day the bus picks up people from the surrounding villages Gajac and Stara Novalja.

Impressions of Zrce

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All Zrce festivals and DJ´s 2015 in the overview on Novalja-Aktuell

Papaya: 2009 - 2012

Aquarius: 2009 - 2012

Accommodations nearby: Novalja, Mandre


In the last few years Zrce grew to be one of the most famous beaches in Croatia, but also in whole Europe. Every year more and more people are joining the party on Zrce. Most of them are coming from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Slovenia and of course from Croatia. Right now you can witness the hottest parties on Zrce. Not without a reason the place got a name "Ibiza of the east".

There are three Open Air clubs on beach Zrce and they are open almost 24 hours a day. Most of the time clubs are playing the best and the finest house music. Early in the morning electronic beats are starting to cover the whole beach. Round 3 p.m. most of the people leave the beach and go to After-Beach-Parties, already a trademark of Zrce. Still on the beach, the show is going on till approx. 8 p.m. when the beach gets empty and everybody prepares for the night. The night parties are amazing and they mostly stop only when the sun is already up and the first families come to the beach.

Open times:

Middle of June - beginning of September


Usually all 3 clubs don´t ask for entrance fee.

Exceptions are the Festivals or Special Guest DJ´s spin the turn table at night.

Drinks / Cocktail:

All drinks are offered: from mineral water to champagne. But the highlights are definitely the cocktails, specially the one Liter Jumbo-Cocktails. The barkeepers mix everything: from refreshing Sex on the beach to "hardcore" Zombie. The prices depend on the time of the season and level of "hardcore", and range between 150 Kuna to 300 Kuna for a Jumbo-Cocktail. There is really nothing to moan about.

The clubs on beach Zrce


The Papaya is an Open-Air Club located directly on beach Zrce, approx. 20m from the sea. Here one can hear only House music, and the Parties (After Beach and the Night Party) are animated by male and female Gogo dancers. The club has a small pool, where one side ends on a bar and one big pool with a small cascade.

Every year the best and most popular Dj´s of the world join the Party in Papaya.


Club Aquarius is located between Papaya and Kalypso, and has a two Open Air parts with pool and one indoor part. During the day different Dj´s play only House music, which can be replaced with some Black music in the night by the resident DJ. The After-Beach Parties and the Night Parties are animated by male and female Gogos. Over the day, in the indoor part, the Club is offering a lunch buffet, and on the upper floor you can also enjoy a delicious pizza. The pizzeria is open from 12 p.m. - 6a.m., and it has a nice terrace.


The Kalypso is the oldest club on beach Zrce. The Open-Air club is located on the other side of the beach. During the day Kalypso is a shadowed place perfect for relaxation and chill out, and at night a pure party resort. The DJ plays House and Black music.

Dance floors are surrounded by 3m high Pine trees, what is making this place so special. Small parts of the floor are rising up where the Gogo´s are dancing.

Sport and leisure activities on beach Zrce


The ski lift on beach Zrce is one of the latest and best equipped constructions in Europe for driving on the sea. It goes 600 meters in length and 10 meters in height to give you a special feeling of wakeboarding.

Beside the ski lift, on water platform is a restaurant with clothes and wakeboard equipment shop. Big panorama terrace with possibilities to sit and relax ensures a great view on wakeboard stunts.



.......what’s to explain - it´s Bungee!

The crane is located beside the club Papaya,. The crane lifts the basket up to 30-40 meters above the beach. Jumping is possible every day, during the day, but also in the night (with exeption of strong wind days).

Jumps can be video recorded for everyone who wants to perpetuate their brave jump. Who is looking for adrenalin kick - here you go !



The Jet-Ski is ready for you on beach Zrce. You've got a need for speed? Want to feel the power of control over a sheer raw power of a mighty machine? Experience the true feeling of freedom ?

Then, the strength of emotions which wave riding provides should be your true choice!

Banana riding:

The ride on the yellow banana is possible at Zrce. Indulge yourself and try out this wild and wet ride. Its pleasure comes to full effect, when in gladiator manner, you are trying to stay on banana while the driver is trying to drop you into the water.

So if you fall off and take a swim, there's no reason for you not to try again...

Tube riding:

It gives you a true adrenalin kick, as if you are riding a wild, untamed animal. Each tube is intended for one person, while the powerboat can pull the total of six tubes at once.

Your only assignment is to hold on tight and stay on the tube (or at least try to stay on) while flying through the air and jumping from wave to wave.



Sailing, paragliding and parachuting are combining this unique activity, the parasailing. You have the opportunity to taste the uniqueness of breath taking moments. You have to be aware that the age has never been an obstacle for the acquiring of new experiences. Enjoy the natural beauties of the Zrce bay, the Pag island itself and the surroundings from the sky. Don’t miss to see the Mediterranean from that perspective.

Experience hardened crew is at your disposal in any view. A ride takes 10-15 minutes and it could go up to 650 feet in the air, because you are the one who's calling the shots.

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