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Island Vir lies in the Zadar Archipelago, has an area 22,3 sq km (length 10.7 km, average width 4 km) and approx. 860 inhabitants. It is situated on the extension of the Privlaka Peninsula, from which it is separated by a 3-m deep and 300-m wide strait. The coast, particularly in the west, is poorly indented; the western side is somewhat steeper, and the eastern is plain. Several limestone hillocks (the highest of them attaining 112 m) rise from the central crest, separated by mildly sloped ridges. Apart from the forested north-western rim, the island is predominantly bare and exposed to winds. The most fertile soil is found on the north-western side, where Pleistocene sands are mixed with red soil, with many vineyards, Mediterranean orchards and crops. Chief occupations are farming, fishing and tourism. The island is connected by the regional road 306 with the mainland (bridge over the Privlaka shallows).

The island of Vir has been populated since the prehistoric period - Illyrian hill-forts. Several pre-Romanesque churches since the middle Ages have been preserved. The small Romanesque church of St. John dates back to the 13th century, and the ruins of a Venetian citadel originate from the 17th century.

Town Vir has become the administrative centre of the island, aiming to improve the quality of life on the island equally for its inhabitants and its numerous visitors, who enjoy there throughout the year. The average annual temperature is above 15 C, the average July-temperature about 25 C, whereas the lowest temperature is that in January about 6,5 C. The healthy climate conditions on Vir have definitely had influence on the well-being and life-expectation of the islanders. Along the indented coast of Vir there are pebbly and sandy coves partly situated near pine groves and surrounded by crystal clear sea waters, making this island a perfect place for a family holiday.

The nearby two seas-northern and southern - allow a pleasant feeling of bathing in the summer, even by the summer winds: warm wind jugo on the northern and bora on the southern beaches. The stony coast in the north-west part of the island, which is abundant in marine flora and fauna, offers an attractive place for deep-sea divers. Numerous bays and inlets with piers enable the yachting visitors to go ashore on their way in the string of 300 islands and islets towards the National Park Kornati.

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