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View on Vela Luka
View on Vela Luka

Vela Luka is a town with port on the western side of the island of Korcula, 45 km to the west of the town of Korcula. The major part of the town spreads over the slopes of Spilinski Rat (150m) and the mildly descending plateau between the Rat and the Humic elevation (183m). The surrounding hills protect it from the northerly and southerly winds; the landward breeze often blows in the summer. The average air temperature in January is 7,9 °C (46,2 °F) and in July 24,9 °C (76,8 °F). Vela Luka offers 2671 hours of sunshine a year (in the summer 11,3 hrs a day). Chief occupations are farming, wine production, olive growing and processing, fruit growing, fishing, fish and food processing, shipbuilding and tourism. The coastal strip including the small islands (Proizd, Kamenjak, Osjak and Gubesa) represents a rich fishing ground. Vela Luka lies on the regional road running along the island. Ferry connections existing with Split and Lastovo. There is a prehistoric archaeological site Vela Spilja (Neolithic). The one-nave church of St.John in the region of Gradina was first mentioned in the 15th century; it has a bell tower on the main front ("na preslicu"), and a Gothic vault. The parish church and the belfry were built in neo--historicist style.

Apart from intact nature, Vela Luka offers its visitors all other advantages of modern tourism, from quality accommodation, over the variety of restaurants offering seafood and quality wines, to sports and recreational facilities (tennis, yachting, surfing, etc.) and entertainment. Many find the Croatian folk songs sung by fishermen of Vela Luka in the evening hours the most impressive attraction. The St. Joseph's Day (19th of March) is a traditional feast, accompanied by religious and cultural events and programs.

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