Real Estate in Croatia

• Can foreign citizens purchase real estate in Croatia?
Essentially foreign citizens can buy real estate in Croatia. The purchase requires the consent of the Ministry of Law and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consent for the purchase is ordinarily granted where Croatia has executed a contract of reciprocity with the purchasers’ country of origin/citizenship. In exceptional circumstances citizens of other countries may be given consent.

• What is the procedure if foreign citizens decide to purchase real estate in Croatia?
When foreign citizens purchase real estate in Croatia and complete and execute a contract of sale the parties are not obligated to verify the contract before a public notary immediately. The contract and other relevant documentation must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zagreb. Where the Ministry issues a statement of consent the foreign purchaser can transfer legal ownership of the property into his or her name at the Municipal Court. The purchaser must pay a real estate purchase tax. Foreign citizens who own or establish a corporation in Croatia can purchase real estate on the company's behalf.

 • Can foreign citizens sell real estate in Croatia?
All foreign natural or legal persons can sell their own real estate located in the Republic of Croatia. Citizens of the Former Yugoslavia can only sell their property when negotiations concerning the Social Federation of the Republic of Yugoslavia have been concluded.

• Is it possible to complete and verify a contract of sale outside Croatia?
It is possible to complete and verify contracts outside of Croatia. In such cases it is appropriate to verify a contract of sale at a Croatian embassy. Should you choose to verify the contract with a public notary this verification must be translated into Croatian by an appointed court interpreter.

• Should both sides verify their signatures on contracts of sale?
Both parties to the contract can verify their signatures if they wish but it is not a necessity.

• What sum of deposit must be paid to conclude a contract of sale?
Generally speaking the sum of 10% of the purchase price is an appropriate deposit. Otherwise the deposit payable is the sum agreed on by the parties.

• What taxes are payable on transactions concerning real estate in Croatia?
In the Republic of Croatia transactions concerning real estate are taxed at 5% of the purchase price. The constructions of buildings are taxed at the highest rate of 22% of the purchase price.

• Is the seller paying the taxes when selling real estate?
The seller does not pay tax when selling real estate. However if the real estate purchased is unsold within three years of the date of purchase at a price higher than the original purchase price than the seller is required to pay tax. The tax is calculated on the difference between the original purchase price and the following sale price at 35%. This tax dithers in various municipalities in Croatia.


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