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Vrbnik aerial photo
Vrbnik aerial photo

The small town Vrbnik is located on the east coast of island Krk in the so-called Kvarner Bay in Croatia. Very intriguing here is the historic district overlooking the sea, this has always been a city of artist. Many artists find inspiration and inspiring beauty for their works. The city is harmonious and built entirely in harmony with the nature. The stoned city blooms out of the blue of the sea and dives deep into the blue of the sky. Vrbnik is well known for its world Glagolitic Heritage. Glagoliticis is from the 9th Century, the oldest writing in Croatia. A quarter of the manuscripts of these Croatian writings are actually from Vrbnik. The variety of grapes Vrbnicka zlathina is one of the well known dry wines on Croatia. With many wine cellars, restaurants and inns, this remains not the only delicacy that you can eat and enjoy there. In summer Vrbnik has around 200 inhabitants, in winter about half. Away from the mass tourism is Vrbnik still an insider tip that you always and enjoy and visit again, once you got to know it.

A historical insight into the location:

On the island of Krk Vrbnik is one of the oldest sites, which was inhabited in the Stone Age. The Illyrians were not only the first inhabitants of the city, but also founded it. The first time the city Vrbnik was mentioned in a written deed of 1100. The first law bool received Vrbnik in 1388, which was an important source of law and was also convinced of the high level of civilisation. Family Frankopans are very good friends with Vrbnik and they played an important role in the history of Croatia.


A beautiful, Gothic Rosary Chapel and the magnificent ceiling paintings can be seen in the parish church of the Assumption. The museum of the visual identity of the city Vrbnik and the lapidary can be found in the bell tower and if you continue to walk between the tower and the parish church, you will get to a beautiful lookout point. If you walk a bit further down the street Pod Kestel you will be able to visit the remains of the city hall and the remains of the tower and at the same time you can also enjoy the beautiful sights of the sea on the other side.

In the former royal house of the family Vitezic, situated at the old town square, a renaissance printing press is found in the library. Interesting to know is that the first printer from Croatia is from Vrbnik. In that building you will also find a heritage museum.

If you want to test how slim you are, you can try to pass the narrowest street in the world in Vrbnik. Anyone who has got a few kilos too much on the hips will hardly fit through, because the street is really tight.

Vrbnik even has got something for the travellers who enjoy hiking, because there are many idyllic beaches, beautiful hiking trails, churches and ruins that can be visited on these routes. Recommended for a visit is for example the Chruch of St.George and St. Mark or the ruins of Frakopani’s fort.

Bays and beaches:

Zgribnica is the capital of the place. There is a small kiosk, a beautiful pebble beach and showers. Next to the beach there are areas of concrete and stone on both sides of the bay area. The beach is in addition also the proud bearer of the blue flag, which has got the meaning for an eco-mark for the purity of the sea. Of course you can also lie on the beach, rent beach umbrellas and pedal boats.

The beautiful beach of Kozica is recommended for a visit once you are in Croatia. It is located just minutes away from the pebbly beach Zgribnicas as well as from the centre of the village. There are also two other small beached in the harbour of the city Vrbnik. These beaches are particularly known to the locals. On one side is the beach called Pod Kovac and Nuluk. Especially in the morning is Pod Kovac very nice to look at, because at that time the first rays of sunshine fall directly into the bay.

The beach Potovosce is an absolute insider tip; it is about two miles south of Vrbnik on a picturesque pebbles beach. He was elected to one of the 100 most beautiful beaches which are not known for mass tourism in Croatia by a Croatian newspaper only a short while ago. On the way to this beach are a parking areas and a road made of asphalt that leads to the beach. On this beach there is also a kiosk where you can buy cool drinks and some snacks.

There are many beautiful bays and beaches in surroundings of Vrbnik, but they are attainable in most cases by the sea. For this you can hire special taxi boats. In the neighbouring town Risika, which is located 7miles from Vrbnik you will find a sandy beach. If you are going to take a ride of 15 kilometres up the northern coast, there is additionally a mud bay. Dogs are not allowed on the normal beaches, but there are also many beaches where dogs are allowed, which are called “Wild Beaches”.

Trip tips:

There are a lot of different excursions to make on Krk, the former Benedictine abbey, the town itself, Kosljun (Monastery Island), the stalactite cave, Baska, a famous mud gorge, a small, small town Dobrinj or the two roman cities Omisalj and Fulfinum. Apart from that there is also one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The neighbouring island Rab has got many wonderful places to visit or you can venture a little boat trip. Rijeka is a major port city where you can buy local specialties on the large market. Along the riverbank of Opatija you can go for a walk though one of the many parks. Or you can go a trip to the islands Cres and Losinj and visit the elegant little island village, which you will find there.

Sport and activities:

There are many hiking opportunities on the island Krk. You can not only visit pristine coves and deserted churches, but also enjoy wonderful views of the local vineyards and enjoy the rolling countryside and the olive groves around the island. Scenic nature scenes and stunning landscape will inspire every walking enthusiast.


In terms of bicycle travel, the island of Krk has a steady increase exhibited in the recent years.  Anyone can ride as much as you want. Very nice bike tracks will also be displayed by signposts.

If you prefer a low level of intensity you should rather ride around in the centre of the island as the highest point is only 190 meters.

If you like a bit more difficult, you could ride around in the valleys and caves of the island, where the highest point is about 260 meters.

Diving schools and diving:

The next diving school is in Dunat, which is about 7kilometers away. Only 2 kilometres down on the coast from Vrbnik is a sandbank called Tenki with a 10 meter long tunnel, located at a depth of 15 meters. There you can find red sea fans, because of the very good visibility and the small stream there. The quality of the diving area is very good and suitable for allc ategories.

There is a grotto in Vrbnik which belongs to endemic Gudgeon (Kolombatic the fish) and is located in 20 meters depthand a few hundred meters from the entrance of the harbor.

If you want to surfing on Krk, you can do that best in Punat, this is 7 kilometres away from Vrbnik. Tennis fans will be happy in Punat as well, because you can find there excellent tennis courts to get active.

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